Recycling pays!


   When I was younger, about Elementary to Jr. High age, living back in #California I started out making money for my baseball cards by recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles.    I made 5 cents for each can or bottle. They had these reverse vending machines in front of the grocery store.  I would walk away with a 2 pockets full of nickels once a week to spend at the Spring Valley Swap Meet.

  Later on i would go once a month to a recycling center and drop off bags of recyclables and would make about $60 each trip.

  Now at the age of 35 I have started to pick up the recycling bug again. It’s a great way to get the kids out of the house and reward them with a treat after collecting our cash.  Also, it’s good for the environment.

   Unfortunately, in Utah, we have to collect more because we only get 1.5 – 2 cents per can 😔. And there isn’t anywhere close by my home that buys plastic.

   Today as I was cleaning out my garage, i decided to take 4 bags of Non-crushed cans to Bloom Recyclers.  The aluminum weighed 19 lbs, and at $0.49/lb, made me $9.31. Not much, but I really just wanted to make room I my garage so it’s not bad either.